Pokémon Go- Is it safe for kids?

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Pokémon Go is the game that is taking the entire world by storm, but is it safe for kids to play? Let us find out. With the increasing popularity of the game among masses, kids find it exciting and interesting to play the game. The game is popular among the youth and adults as they own smart phones. With the increasing popularity of the game, many game lovers are heading towards Pokémon Go hack software make the game easier to play.

Well, if your child is fond of Pokémon, then he/she might get into the habit of playing Pokémon Go games through the app. The game is getting good reviews and players love it, but you cannot forget the fact that it is a real time game, which can be a matter of concern for parents. Here is something for parents to know, if they are worried about whether the game is safe or not for their kids.

If your kid is interested in playing Pokémon Go, then make sure they are aware about their surroundings and locations. Again, if you are playing with your child on the same device, then it is fine. What if your child doesn’t want to play with you on the same device? Make sure your child is in a company of friends and do not allow them to go to a new place to play the game. The game can be very distracting and can lead to dangerous incidents.

Make sure you create an email account under a fake name, just to play games. Help the child learn that they shouldn’t give away their personal information to others. Keep the app updated consistently. Turn OFF the location tracking when you are not playing the game. It can be a fund for your child to discover new things while playing the game, but make sure you follow certain rules before your kid starts playing the game.